Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kuwait gilrls


Everyone who comes to my blogs seems to be asking the same questions over and over again !!

Can I have sex in Kuwait ?? Is it safe to have sex in Kuwait ?? Can I meet girls and have a date and relationships ?

Kuwait is a muslim country in the Middle east an oil rich country which is ruled by the arabs and kings of kuwait. It is ruled under muslim islamica law which says that women are not permitted to have any sexual relationships before marriage and after marriage with NONE other than her own husband. The hijab and other dress codes are in effect to put this rules into force

But it is also a truth that kuwait has millions of expatriates. These are people from other countries who come and stay in kuwait for working and making money to send to their families abroad. these people are from many countries which are democratic and islamic and non islamic countries. they have different cultures so its difficult for them to accept the islamic laws regarding natures need for oneself. So these people are always doubtfull whether they can date and have sex relationships with other similiar women and girls in kuwait sex

kuwait sex has many nationalities involved in kuwait dating and love relationship activities online. Mainly indian women and girls, pakistani women and housewives , morocco girls , filipino women , indonesian and malaysian women and girls and also african black women girls housewives maids etc who seek the pelasures of males for enjoying the heavenly pleasures of having discreet sex with various partners . kuwait is a hotbed of discreet and underground sexual activities

Expatriate women and local kuwait women girls and housewives ARE infact available in large numbers online dating and love romance relationships sex affairs and hot one night stands in exclusive places online and offline and these are done by using highly secure secret net access online for chatting and making contacts 

arab women girls and housewives from other islamic muslim countries and nations having similar culture also involve in such discreet and decentr friendship dating social networking and also meetings and arrangements for sew in kuwait with high class females and rich families girls

so The answer is YES, you can have sex in kuwait. well if you are husband and wife then definately you can have sex, there are also people and couples staying together as husband and wife but since most people will not enquire about other peoples affairs, its safe as long as you are not caught by the police . you can have any type of relationships in kuwait sex is also same and must be discreet and hiddden.

( due to some restraints now kuwait club is NOW 

 administered by our dubai branch.. )


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